Terms & Conditions

General Policies and Rules


ShopFelicity policies and rules are the common guidelines that create a safe, trusted and fair trading environment for all ShopFelicity.com members. To promote a safe and trusted trading environment, ShopFelicity.com enforces these polices and rules.

  • ShopFelicity rules and policies are designed to:
    • Minimize risks to both buyers and sellers
    • Support government laws and regulations
    • Provide equal opportunity to all buyers and seller
    • Protect intellectual property rights
    • Provide an enjoyable buying experience
    • Support the values of the ShopFelicity.com Community


1. Pricing Policy

Trust is the most important aspect of trade between buyers and sellers in marketplace and one of the key aspects of trust is fair pricing. For healthy transaction flow at ShopFelicity.com, we ask merchants selling through us to price their items responsibly.

We constantly monitor prices for each merchant at various channels and do not allow to price items at higher prices at ShopFelicity.com vs. other channels such as their own retail store, their own Website (if any) or any other 3rd party retail stores or Websites. Violation of our pricing policy will result into warning notices and can also result into account suspension and/or store suspension.


2. Rules about Intellectual Property

ShopFelicity is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of third parties and to providing a safe marketplace to trade. Unauthorized use or Infringement of copyrighted material and trademarks are strictly prohibited at ShopFelicity.

ShopFelicity has zero tolerance for any intellectual property violations. Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items (such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted at ShopFelicity. Unauthorized copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged. It is illegal to sell unauthorized copies of media.

If the product you are selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or endorsed by that company, don't list it at ShopFelicity.

Do not list "OEM" or "bundled" copies of software At ShopFelicity unless you are selling it with computer hardware. For Context, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or bundled software, is software that is obtained as part of the purchase of a new computer. OEM software licenses usually prohibit the purchaser from reselling the software without the computer or, in some cases, without any computer hardware.

Bootleg recordings are unauthorized recordings of concerts or live performances. Sellers are not permitted to list bootleg recordings at ShopFelicity.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

    • Product Listing cancellation
    • Limits on account privileges
    • Account suspension