Plastomate 7D Car Mats Set for Kia SONET Car

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PLASTOMATE  7D Car Floor Mats are made up of 7-layer high quality material to protect your car interiors. These mats are custom made, to fit perfectly to your car and enhance the overall look and feel of the car interiors. These are Dustproof, Waterproof, and Easy to Install


  • These mats give unparalleled protection for your car floor carpet. New stiff grass mat traps dirt and is easy to clean. It has a grass-like finish and is very durable. This unique grass mat sits in a PVC base mat.100% water proof and easy to maintain.
  • 7D mats will give your car interiors a bold luxurious look!  It comes in unique colour combinations to match your style.
  • The designer base mat, made of PVC has the high reinforced edges. The entire mat is made for your car make and model giving it Custom edge to edge fitting. The custom fitting ensures that it does not get stuck in the accelerator or the break, so you have a stress-free drive each time!
  • The grass mat is attached to the base mat with the help of Holder Clips and can be easily removed for cleaning. Anti-skid backing is also provided that does not let the mat slip or slide while driving.


  1. Revolutionary innovative and great fusion of Grass and Leatherette wall to wall design that covers your car every edge.
  2. Durable Construction to Retain Water, Snow, Dirt Debris.
  3. Water/Liquid trapping capacity is good. Even fluids will get trapped in the inner layers of the mat.
  4. Individual mat piece can be removed and tilted to eject the impurities later at your leisure. It will not spill off on its own.
  5. Once dust and liquids are absorbed into the mats, nothing stays on the top surface. This prevents the wet rubbery sounds that come from moist shoes.
  6. Heel pad on Driver Side gives an extra layer of protection to mats and also prevents driver's heel from slipping.

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