Imported 55” LED FULL HD SMART TV with Samsung Panel Inside

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Samsung Smart TVs are designed to give you what you really want and match your lifestyle

Smart TV connects with your mobile so easily to open up a whole new world of fun and useful features that can really make a difference in your life. Your TV can wake up when you do, with all the info you need to start your day right, like your schedule and the weather. With just one click, you can share content from your mobile to your big screen, or even from your TV to your smart phone so you can go mobile in your house and not leave your TV show behind. It’s so easy, and it’s always ready.

Whether it’s a fun video on your smart phone you want to share with family, or that must-see TV show you were watching on the way home that just has to get on the big screen so you can free your hands. Samsung Smart TV picks up the signal when your device is close and seamlessly plays the content in the optimal resolution for the big screen. It works the other way around, too, letting you watch the content on your TV on your mobile so you can freely move about your house while viewing your favourite content on your device. Perfectly seamless and perfectly in sync.


·         Realistic viewing with automatic depth enhancement

·         Surround your senses and be part of the action

·         A truly beautiful TV highlighted by a new sleek metallic curve design

·         Smart TV redefined for 21st century lifestyles

·         Connecting your TV and mobile has never been easier or more fun

·         Clearer viewing and less motion blur, so you can enjoy action films, sports and other entertainment at their very best.

WARRANTY: 1 YEAR Parts Replacement Warranty from Importer

Note: Installation can be get done through any third party vendor 

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